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Meet Ginny Hatfield

My story… I grew up as a farm kid out in the country, near Enon Valley and New Castle, Pennsylvania, where I learned early on how to work hard, get organized and focus on goals in order to get all the work done!

My parents were probably different from other parents where they were never focused so much on grades in school but what we were learning and putting into action so that we would grow into adults that could handle anything thrown at us. My parents always taught us to be entrepreneurial from the beginning and that working for someone else was just a stepping stone that we needed in order to someday be working for our own business. As my dad always taught us, “ you will never be wealthy working for someone else as you will be working to accomplish your bosses’ goals and not your own.”
I would attribute the success I’ve had in building success in two different network marketing companies to this philosophy that developed me into the woman that I am today being very disciplined, knowing my goals and what it takes to accomplish them.

After completing high school, I attended Bradford Business School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because I wanted to know how the business side of business worked. I graduated from Bradford Business School in December of 1987 I then started working for a law firm, Behrends and Ernsbergers, Attorneys at Law, in downtown Pittsburgh. Although I loved where I worked and the people that I worked with, I soon realized that downtown Pittsburgh was not the place for me as I was a little to country and had an entrepreneurial spirit to me (office politics and I just didn’t mix!)

About this time, I answered an ad in a national farm magazine, Hoard’s Dairyman, where I met my husband and we were shortly married in November 1988. I moved to Wisconsin to start my dairy farming career with my husband.

Over the next 10 years, I helped my husband build a successful dairy from nothing to over 70 cows and owning a couple of hundred acres while raising 4 boys.

The only problem with farming is there never enough money to take vacations, fix the house up, or have a nice vehicle to drive! So when I seen a work from home booklet that was mailed to me, I was instantly attracted to network marketing as a way that I could make extra income around my farm and kids!
That’s when I began to work with my first network marketing company a health and weight loss company. Their plan was that you succeeded by talking to your family, friends and people you meet (the 3 foot rule)! So over the next few years that’s what I did, I talked to everyone I met and invited them to health and weight loss parties and helped a lot of people lose weight and built a great retail business. The only problem was that as soon as I had helped someone lose weight, they would quit and I would have to go and replace them with a new customer, I had discovered that if you can’t keep retail customers long-term you will never earn real residual income…So I decided I would focus more on recruiting getting business builders. (people that wanted to make income working from home)

So for the next few years, I mailed out thousands of dollars in work from home booklets and postcards, bought a lot of lead generation leads (which because I didn’t know them and what they were really passionate about and what they were looking for in life. Plus the fact that they didn’t know, like, or trust me I was spending a lot of money, and time on the phone away from my family and farm and not getting much in return)

Because of spending more money than what was coming in from my retail sales. I soon began running up credit card debt, until I had ran up $25,000 in credit card debt even though I was in one of the top 3 levels of leadership there.

I learned a great business rule. Numbers are always right. If it doesn’t make sense on paper, than it’s not going to work no matter how emotionally attached you are to the product. Just like with dairy farming if you don’t have enough income coming in you need to learn how to generate another stream of income.
Because I was a dairy farmer and always believed if I just worked hard enough, consistently and kept focused on my goals everything would just work out… Well if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome that is the sign of being an idiot!.

The lightbulb came on one day when my friend approached me and asked me to take a look at a company that had a 95% reorder rate that she had partnered up with. Since I knew that was where my biggest struggle was keeping customers with my health and weight loss company, because it was something that people didn’t absolutely need.

When I took a look at this company. I seen it was a company that focused on just your basic household necessity items and because the products were priced better and were of higher quality than what you could get them anywhere else in the market place. I would have customers month after month that would reorder. I would not have to restart my business every month from zero like I did with my former health and weight loss company.

So I quickly told my friends, family, and people that I would meet in person and built a really quick and lasting customer base which gave me a really nice consistent check every month. I was able to pay off my credit card debt, remodel my farm house, and take a couple of vacations with the family. (as it costs us about $200 a day for the whole family to be gone for the day and evening as we have to have someone come in and take care of the farm and animals while we are gone!)

By this time we had expanded the farm to 500 acres and 200 cows and built a parlor and freestall barn. My time became more valuable to me than money! I loved the company that I was with but it just didn’t make sense to me as a way to market this company (old school marketing techniques) having to talk to everyone I see and since I live in a rural community I don’t run into to many new people! Especially when it takes me 30 minutes just to get to town! I wanted a marketing system that I could attach this business to and run it through a cell phone so If I was out in the field, in the barn milking cows, or in town running for parts for the farm I could still do my business!
So I decided to learn how to build my network marketing business online. Prior to this I had never built a website or written a blog, I had never used Twitter or run paid advertising on Facebook. In order to master the skills necessary to build online I immersed myself in training on online lead generation, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, and Pinterest.

I learned from the best, Diane Hochman, Mark Harbert, Adam Chandler, Aaron Parker, Ray Higdon, April Marie Tucker, Matt Finley, and Michelle Grigsby by plugging into this marketing training, http://workwithginny.bizbuildermastery.net

As Tony Robbins often says: “Success leaves Clues!” When you learn from leaders what will happen is you will grow into a leader. And that is when your business will begin to gain major momentum AND then I began to take Massive Action As I’ve had new success… Whether it was generating one lead a day, to getting my first phone number, to getting my first sign up…. I have made it a point to always look for ways to improve upon what I have accomplished.

The best part is NOW I have an easy, duplicatable way for people to duplicate me but not have to be away from their friends, family, hobbies while building their online home business. They can do this all from their cell phone and laptop around their current jobs, family, and lifestyle. Plus with this marketing education system attached to my home business I have been able to help the 90% of people that tell me NO for my home business. I can help them build another income stream with their own home businesses.

I am finally able to help those women in rural areas that can’t go to the networking events to meet new people, or the moms that have little ones that can’t get out to meet new people because they can’t find sitters for their kids to attend the events.

I have learned skills to write a blog about a skill that would be helpful or something that I have read and learned in personal development which will help my target market (which is women that live in rural areas that are building a home business online and teaching them the skills that are needed to build a successful online home business) that I type up at 9 pm at night when the farming is done and the kids are in bed, make a video, market it right on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest so that people come to my Facebook community, Social Marketing Tips with Ginny , where I can meet them and help them grow their online business while getting to know them and where they are getting to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST me!


I No longer have to GET people… I FOCUS on HELPING people and now I ATTRACT the RIGHT People to my MARKETING and STREAMS OF INCOME!