What You Need to Know About Facebook Algorithms

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25th July 2016
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What You Need to Know About Facebook Algorithms

If you are an entrepreneur you will want your posts to be on everyone’s news-feeds, Right?

So how come it doesn’t work that way?

First of all you have to understand what theFacebook Algorithms are about.  You  need to know what 3 principles make up the Facebook algorithm.

So to get you to VISUALIZE  what Facebook Algorithm looks like here are a couple of  examples of what Facebook Algorithms would look like in person.

You are going shopping at the mall……  Now do you go into every store at the mall?        Do you examine every piece of merchandise in each store?   Of course, not because you don’t have time nor would  you really want to!

You know which stores you like because those stores fit your needs and wants, you know which merchandise you like in each store because you know what you like and want.  You have a method and a pattern of how you shop.

Here’s another example, Lets take the weather for example, if you look at the weather in the morning and it says its going to be chilly ….then you make sure you put on warm clothes, like a sweater, now if its cold in the morning when you are leaving for work, but the weather man says its going to be warmer later on in the afternoon, then you dress in layers, so that you can take off layers when you get warmer in the afternoon.  Same thing you have a method and pattern of staying comfortable according to what the weather is.

First you need to understand the numbers of Facebook

  • The average person on Facebook has over 300 friends
  • Average posts people post a day on Facebook is 5 posts per day.
  • So if you had only 300 friends multiply that by the number of average posts 5  (300x 5=1500) that would be 1500 posts to go through each day.
  • Do you have time to go through 1500 posts a day?  I  know I don’t, and so does Facebook, I mean no one would even want to go on Facebook if they had to go through 1500 posts a day.   Facebook knows that!
  • Facebook knows that the average person logs onto their mobile device 6 times a day.
  • The average person will scroll through about 50 posts at at time.
  • So  50 posts x 6 times a day =300 posts a day.  300 friends that posts an average 5 times a day.  That is 1500 posts but you only look at 300 on an average day.

So this is what Facebook wants to do is show you an average the top posts 1 out of every 5 posts.


  •  Facebook wants you to have the best possible experience
  • Want to save you time
  • Just wants to show you what you really like and want to look at.

REMEMBER:  Facebook was not created to do business.  It was created for you to have a good experience by connecting with your family and friends.

All the Algorithm is trying to do is figure out what you want

  • to see
  • what you like,
  • what  you want to be entertained or educated about.

Even though it has hundreds of  thousands of variables it looks at.  It still boils down to these  3 principles that it looks at and serves as a kind of basis of what stuff should show up for you to view.

Facebook tries to show you things that you are interested in.

Facebook does that by looking

  • at what your interests are,
  • pages that you like,
  • the posts that you are spending more time on  (even if your not commenting),  When you stop and look at posts that counts as engaging,
  • they also take into account the posts that you are engaging in.

So to make it simple.   Its all about ranking in your friends and families newsfeeds.

 Here is the Formula for Ranking:

rank (1)

Rank=Affinity x Weight x Decay.                             (SAY WHAT?????)

Let me explain what each word means in Facebook language.

Affinity – is the closeness of the relationships you have with the people on Facebook.


In order to get affinity you need to get someone to engage with your post. (like, comment, or share) then that increases the AFFINITY or the Probability that someone is going to see your future content.

Affinity takes into account how many mutual connections that you have -does that person have with you.

How many of their mutual friends engage with you or like, comment, or share your stuff!

The biggest part of affinity is the recent interaction.

Here’s a BIG TIP:  

Post something that doesn’t have anything to do with your  business just something fun- (because remember Facebook LIKES it when you just entertain your audience).  So go ahead and post a funny picture!

DOESN’T  it make sense if Facebook is only going to show me 1 out 5 posts. then WOULDN’T it make sense for Facebook to show me something that I have already demonstrated I like liked their stuff!

So what we want to do is create posts that cause people to  have recent interaction with us.

2. Weight

Weight is the impact of the post.. which is the accumulation of the the likes, comments, and shares that your posts have.

No all engagement is NOT equal:

A like is like silver

A comment is like gold

A share is like platinum

So as a visual….. picture this…… your audience is voting on which 1 out of 5 posts will be shown to more people.

Which is why baby, wedding, and anniversary  announcements get a lot of engagement.

3.  Decay

Decay is TIME-how much time has pasted since you posted.

Facebook algorithm thinks in general the newer posts  you  post are going to be more relevant than the old posts you posted.

The more time that has passed .  The less your posts are going to be shown.

That’s why its important to not post a post right on top of each other because your posts are competing with each other

Numbers to keep in mind:

Half of your Facebook engagement is going to happen within 90 minutes after posting.

50% of your engagement is going to happen

75% of your engagement will happen within the first 5 hours and basically after 8 hours your post is going to be dead.

Live Facebook Video Streams because of the likes and comments that are attached with the live facebook video stream when you post to Facebook when your live stream is done are highly engageable and will get shown more quickly over regular videos because of the likes and comments that are attached to it.  Also it’s an easier form to share with others to share.

Watch for my Live Facebook Video Streams coming soon on  Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 12 noon EST and possibly one after 9 pm EST during  the week.

With recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, is your Facebook Account optimized for success?

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  1. Lisa Philpot says:

    I am a 53 year old woman,and recently became a LuLaRoe Retailer. This all goes over my head a bit. It blows my mind! I really need to build my online business…how what are some simple ways to do that. I’m doing my best to get the hang of the technology, but it is all new to me! Lol

    • Ginny Hatfield says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I would love to help you figure out social media marketing and pass along to you what I have learned these past few months that I have been online and learning how to market online. There is actually a free webinar on tonight how to use social media to market and find high quality leads for your business. I will send you the private invitation link.

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