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Meet Ginny Hatfield

My story… I grew up as a farm kid out in the country, near Enon Valley and New Castle, Pennsylvania, where I learned early on how to work hard, get organized and focus on goals in order to get all the work done!

My parents were probably different from other parents where they were never focused so much on grades in school but what we were learning and putting into action so that we would grow into adults that could handle anything thrown at us. My parents always taught us to be entrepreneurial from the beginning and that working for someone else was just a stepping stone that we needed in order to someday be working for our own business. As my dad always taught us, “ you will never be wealthy working for someone else as you will be working to accomplish your bosses’ goals and not your own.”

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1st September 2016

Fire Your Boss.. In 5 Steps

Here is a QUICK 5-Step Daily Action Plan to Fire Your Boss and Live Your Dream Just a note:  This Daily Action Plan requires just over 4 hours per day.  If you only have 2 hours to build your business right now, NO PROBLEM-simply cut the time you spend on each step in half!!!! …. If you say you don’t have at least 2 hours per day to work on your dream, you have 3 options… Get resourceful and find […]
25th July 2016

The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing

You must learn the “3 C’s ” of Social Media Marketing Capture         Connect       Close Capture- you have to capture leads Leads in this business are the lifeblood  of our business You have to have a lead coming into your business… whether you are working your networking business offline or online… NO LEADS… NO BUSINESS!!! Even brick and mortar businesses need people walking through the door every day in order to be in business, that’s why […]
25th July 2016

What You Need to Know About Facebook Algorithms

If you are an entrepreneur you will want your posts to be on everyone’s news-feeds, Right? So how come it doesn’t work that way? First of all you have to understand what theFacebook Algorithms are about.  You  need to know what 3 principles make up the Facebook algorithm. So to get you to VISUALIZE  what Facebook Algorithm looks like here are a couple of  examples of what Facebook Algorithms would look like in person. You are going shopping at the mall…… […]